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Your Skin Color Doesn’t Make You a Criminal: Brothers and Sisters I Stand With You

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, Officer I really can’t breathe,” were the last few words of George Floyd. He’s not the only African American to face injustice by the hands of the police; the acts of prejudice against black Americans are countless- Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Christian Cooper are just a few names but one too many. I’m devastated, frustrated, sad, and sickened.

We are suffering from two pandemics — Covid-19 and racism. Systematic and institutionalized racism divides our society and deprives our black brothers and sisters, and POC of their fundamental human rights. I, myself, have faced much racism because of the way I looked: “Terrorist!” “Are you going to blow this place up?” My father was attacked and hospitalized because of the way he looked and being questioned at the airport everything I travel. And, black people are experiencing racism and injustice for the past 400 years in their daily lives.

We are living in a system that is racially biased. A system that supports voter suppression, a system full of inequality and insecurity: Health care, housing, wage, and many more, a system full of inequitable education and opportunities.

Imagine African and American brothers and sisters being profiled for centuries now due to their skin color. Can you imagine a mother with 13 years old needing to worry about whether her son will come home every day from school, due to the fear that his identity will be mistaken or he will simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

In this time of divisiveness, unity and solidarity are more important than ever. I’m committed to doing better, supporting more actively, and using my voice and my resources to help bring about real change.

It’s time we stand in solidarity as individuals and communities to change this racist system.

It’s time we educate ourselves.

It’s time we change our broken systems.

It’s time we respect our black brothers, sisters, and POC.

It’s time we roar to have rights.

It’s time we allow the destruction for powerful reform to take place.

It’s time to accept each other regardless of our differences.

It’s time we stopped using hate to conquer hate.

It’s time we love our black and brown people.

It’s time we bring real change.

Today, It’s our calling to support our friends, colleagues, and family members and to stand against senseless acts of violence and systemic racism. We need each other now more than ever if this nation is to ever truly move forward and heal the broken systems establish years ago.

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