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Co-author: Ngozi Francis

From the moment you are born, almost everything is chosen for you. From your name to your family to your gender, you have no conscious power in these decisions. However, one thing that you always have had the decision to make is who’s going to be in your inner circle, the friends that will help you grow to your fullest potential.

What is a strong inner circle?

A strong inner circle is your first point of contact when it comes friends. You can reach out to them anytime with any problems you may have, you can confide in them and you can tell them your ideas that randomly pop up. It's more about the depth of friendship you hold with these individuals. You support each other emotionally, socially, financially and etc. They are the nutrients to your successes and the medicine to your failures. 

Growing up my father will always say “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” I never realized the significance of this statement till now. These “friends” are the ones that should be in your inner circle. Their importance is shown through the impact they have on you.

What to look for when you are building your inner circle?

To everyone, it may be different but this is what has worked for me and other individuals that I know who have a strong inner circle. I cannot stress enough that one’s inner circle should be very small, they aren’t just any friends!

First and foremost, you want individuals who bring positivity and optimism to you because negativity is a deadly viral disease.They need to be your counselors, mentally and physically serving as a support system for you.Different. Like-minded individuals stunt growth. They need to have their own train of thought and be able to consciously challenge you and tell you the truth.DRIVE. This one I cannot stress more. They need to push you to your limits, be your charger, and encourage you.Add Value. You can have an inner circle of friends that support and drive you, but a strong inner circle consists of individuals working together to help each accomplishes their goals and consistently stay on top of each other.

Takeaways: A Few Benefits of Having a Strong Inner Circle:

Add unique perspectives, inputs, and feedbackDrive and motivate usCelebrate with usBoost our mental and physical healthCelebrate with usGrieve with usYou’ll build authentic relationshipsStronger foundationPersonal brandYou’ll have better self-awareness

Throughout my life, I must say that every major achievement was accomplished not only because I worked hard or hustled, but as a result of the quality of people, I surrounded myself with. Most importantly, not only do want amazing people to be in your inner circle, you want to make sure that you can provide the same aspects and be a part of their inner circle which makes the bond STRONG.

By: Ngozi Francis and Khandker Ahamed

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